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Christmas Tree Bath Bombs-Oily Blends-HollyBerry-[option4]-[option5]-[option6]-[option7]-[option8]-Shop-Boutique-Clothing-for-Women-Online
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Christmas Tree Bath Bombs-Oily Blends-[option4]-[option5]-[option6]-[option7]-[option8]-Shop-Boutique-Clothing-for-Women-Online

Christmas Tree Bath Bombs

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Our Christmas Tree bath bombs are handmade in Central Florida. Each bath bomb is 3.2 oz, and has hand painted mica Christmas lights on the front. 

Bombs are available in 6 scents:

  • Victorian Christmas ~ A blend of green pine, clove and soft florals
  • Christmas Tradition ~ Mix of orange, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla
  • Iced Cranberry~ Sweet cranberry, apple and vanilla
  • Christmas Tree ~ Sweet green fresh cut Douglas Fir 
  • Hollyberry ~ Notes of green fir and sweet berry
  • Twisted Peppermint ~ Sweet, creamy peppermint candy